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There And Back Again

Uden Filter

Greatest Hits Live

The Best Of

Golden Heart

Sailing To Philadelphia

The Ragpicker's Dream

Get Lucky

Real Live Roadrunning (Cd + Dvd)


Arh Dér!

Temporary Longterm Setbacks

Bat Out Of Hell I

Midnight At The Lost And Found

Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell

Bat Out Of Hell I

The Best Of Meat Loaf

Couldn't Have Said It Better

Rock 'n' Roll Hero

Bat Out of Hell III : The Monster Is Loose

Hang Cool Teddy Bear

Hang Cool Teddy Bear

Live in Schleswig (part 1)

Live in Schleswig ( part 2)

Master takes

The Very Best Of Melanie

My One And Only Thrill

But Still Gentlemen

Caught In The Act

Call Me Irresponsible


Mød Mig I Mørket

Next Stop Pladderballe

Akasut Mundvand

Farvel Åge

Knepper De?

Den Store Julebasar

Den Store Julebasar

Ja, Ja Eller Nej

Lorteøen Special

Panik i Pladderballe ( dvd )

De Tykke Synger

Back Street Boy - Bagbord-mix (promo)

Det Store Triumftog ( box )

Platheder På Et Fundament Af Sjofelhed

Absolute Mogens & Blandede Brodtgård

I Køge

Monty Python - Sings

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